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We can help you develop and maintain your business network


Access to your products to a wider range of customers will increase your revenue in short and long term

The ergonomics of our websites offer its users a unique experience, and that, on any device. Your products and services will be easily accessible. Here are some great reasons to choose Numerique.ca. Our Web packages mix perfectly with your objectives and will greatly contribute to the success of your Web Design project.


  • Analysis of your needs;
  • Prepare the menu tree (main menu);
  • Create the designs for your website;
  • Create the CMS to manage your website;
  • Lots of test phases during project development;
  • Create SEO scenarios on the website;
  • Follow-up on the performances of the website after going online.

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FAQ - Web Design

  • How much does it cost to build a website?

    When you build a website, it costs between $975 for a one-pager and $5000 for a website with many pages, latest news, a portfolio and other standard modules. That being said, the costs to build a website varies alot depending on your needs and the work involved. If your website requires lots of custom-made modules, the cost to build a website car increase by thousands of dollars easily. Although when creating a standard website, we often talk at around $2500 and $5000.

  • How can you build such cheap websites?

    At Numerique.ca, we can create high quality website for so cheap because we've built our own system that allows us to design a personnalized website (not a template, contrary to most competitors) directly in our CMS. That saves us the step of converting your Photoshop design to HTML, which greatly decreases the development time and brings down the cost to build a website!

  • How long does it take to build a website?

    The time it takes to build a website is between 1 and 2 weeks of work for a standard website, starting at the moment we get the content. That being said, like the cost to build a website, the time to build a website depends on the work involved. A one-pager can take a single day while a more complexe website with lots of custom-made modules can take many months to create, but on average, to build a website with a couple of pages, latest news and a portfolio, you can expect it to be done in 1 to 2 weeks.

  • How can you build a website so quickly?

    At Numerique.ca, we can quickly build a website thanks to our system that we've built for ourselves. We've been perfecting it for the last 20 years and we're now at our 9th version. Our system allows our web designers to build a personnalized design directly in our CMS, which saves us an entire step in the process (the conversion of the design in HTML). By saving a step, we save time, and you save money! Also, with our over 20 years of experience, we know exactly what most companies need when they want to build a website, so we've already got a couple of standard modules ready to be used.

  • What do I need to do when I build a website?

    When you want to build a website, there are lots of steps that need to be done like preparing the SEO, think about the main menu, prepare the web design, create the content (text and photos), build the pages and put everything online. At Numerique.ca, we take care of most tasks for you! All you'll need to do is answer a couple of questions and approve some important steps. For the content creation part, we can even create the content if you want.

  • When you build a website, will it adapt for tablets and mobile devices?

    It's certain that when we build a website, it has to be responsive, which means that it adapts automatically for tablets and smartphones. At Numerique.ca, our CMS allows us to even personnalize the content for smartphones! That means that it's possible to tell our system to hide certain contents (for example, hide some images) on smartphones.