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A small team for big projects

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Join our team

Specialized in building Web applications and websites, Numérique.ca is a team of 9 elite professionals able to do the impossible (almost!). You'll get a chance to learn and exchange with pros who've been proving themselves since 1999.
Sure we're a small team, but we've built lots of big projects over the years as you can see in our portfolio. Choosing us is just common sense! We always put the team first because it's basically what makes our success. Flexible hours, great teammates, what else do you want? You'll merge both your professional objectives with your personnal life.


Why choose Numérique.ca?

  • A 4 day week (between 30 and 40 hours flexible);
  • 4 weeks of vacation;
  • Relaxing and motivating work environment;
  • Good pay;
  • Paid day off on your birthday, and much more!



We are currently accepting resumes for back-end Web developpers


We will keep your resumes in our list so we can contact you when an opening will be available.