We can help you develop and maintain your business network


Access to your products to a wider range of customers will increase your revenue in short and long term

The ergonomics of our websites for a small town in Sherbrooke offer its users a unique experience, and that, on any device. Your products and services will be easily accessible. Here are some great reasons to choose Numerique.ca. Our Web packages mix perfectly with your objectives and will greatly contribute to the success of your Web Design project for a small town in Sherbrooke.


  • Analysis of your needs;
  • Prepare the menu tree (main menu) for a small town in Sherbrooke;
  • Create the designs for your website;
  • Create the CMS for a small town in Sherbrooke to manage your website;
  • Lots of test phases during project development;
  • Create SEO scenarios for a small town in Sherbrooke on the website;
  • Follow-up on the performances of the website after going online.

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