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Tourisme Côte-Nord

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Being a reference in the tourism industry, Numerique.ca has been entrusted to build TCN's website


Of course, they wanted us to redo the look of their new website, but they also needed a brand new CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) so that they can better answer the needs of the association and its members. They now have access to a wide range of tools developped specifically for the tourism industry. What used to be a hassle to manage manually has become childsplay (marketing credits, marketing actions, training, billing, etc.). From now on, the association can concentrate its efforts on developping tourism in the Côte-Nord region.


The design had to be redone. The previous website didn't fit with how the Web evolved, especially ergonomically. They needed something new to give their website back a beauty that's deserving of the Côte-Nord region! Today, visitors now have privileged access to a wide range of activities offered in the region and they can even plan and book their stay.

The CRM has also been developped with that in mind. Of course, the association can do lots of administrative work, but all their hundreds of members also have access to our system that allows them to update all their information by themselves, in real-time! They can update or add new content (rates, packages, activities, etc.) at any time. our CRM uses the same database so that everything is linked with each other and is lightning fast.

We also implemented our exclusive IMBRIQUE block system which allows them complete control over the design of the website! Why limit themselves to only changing the content? Our blocks system allows them to change content, move them around, delete them, increase or shrink their size depending on their importance, etc. Basically, the sky is the limit! We also have automated systems to simplify things for their members. For example, their members fill out a form for their packages and then, it's automatically displayed in a beautiful design, no layout modifications necessary. It makes life much easier and they save lots of time too!

Finally, we added our newsletter system directly in their new CRM. So now, TCN can send newsletters by reusing the content of its website. Done are the times where they had to copy all their pictures, contents and links in an external system (and increasing the risks of mistakes). With our system, they just pick what they want to put in and the system takes care of the rest! It literally takes just a couple of seconds to send a beautiful newsletter!


Content Management System (CMS)

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