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Customers who once seamed unattainable will now be in reach.

In just a couple of clicks, your products will be available on the web and ready to be sold

Offer your customers the possiblity to purchase in Napierville safely from the comfort of their own home. What's more, you'll be able to manage easily all the orders you received as well as all your customers so you can get back to them later on with all your promotions. You'll maximize your sales and sell your inventory in a flash! Your online shop will be quite usefull in Napierville.


  • Secure your business links in Napierville with your customers;
  • Add our system on a new website or an already existing website;
  • Display your products in Napierville in a flash with only a couple of clicks;
  • A complete solution, from the design in Napierville to going online;
  • We'll add the first 10 products in Napierville for you;
  • 1 hour of training is included in this deal;
  • Whether you're an expert or just starting up, our module is easy to use in Napierville.

 * Minimum 2 year contract + installation fees

Want to talk about your project? Call us at 418 335-0804 or by e-mail at info@numerique.ca


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