Discover all the power of Microsoft Exchange e-mails!

Discover all the power of Microsoft Exchange e-mails!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Since its creation in 1971, the e-mail has evolved to the point of becoming an indespensable tool in today's world. But did you know there are solutions that are much more efficient than a simple e-mail?


Contrary to a regular e-mail box, an Exchange e-mail offers alot more flexibility: 

  • You can host up to 50 Gb in your e-mail (instead of the standard 2 Gb with a regular e-mail);
  • Your calendar follows you everywhere! For example, you schedule an appointment on your phone and instantly, it's added in your calendar on your desktop, tablets, etc.;
  • Your contacts are merged in a single location. Just like your calendar, if you add or update a contact, it's automatically updated everywhere at the same time;
  • Anti-spam is managed directly by Microsoft (instead of not having any, or having one managed by your mail server);
  • If you have to re-install your PC, you don't have to backup all your e-mails behorehand since all the e-mails are in your Exchange server. So there's absolutely no risk in losing your e-mails and you'll be functional much quicker;
  • You have access to a complete webmail, including your contacts and your calendar (compared to just your e-mails that were kept on the server with a normail e-mail box);
  • Exchange e-mails are much more reliable and secure than a standard e-mail box. What's more, they're also hosted directly by Microsoft in its canadian Exchange servers;

So, how much does an Exchange e-mail cost? It'll cost you $5.10/e-mail/month, but when you think about all the time you save and how simple it becomes to access all your data, it really pays for itself tenfold!

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