Facebook finally put a Dislike button! Well, not exactly...

Facebook finally put a Dislike button! Well, not exactly...

Monday, March 6, 2017

We recently learned that a small amount of users have seen a new function in Messenger that allows them to reply to someone via emojis.

Previously, we could only reply quickly with a thumbs up, but Facebook is testing the possibility to reply with a couple of reaction emojis in Messenger. Amongst the list, you'll see the Thumbs Down icon.

Technically, to use it, all you have to do is hover over a conversation and you'll see a menu appear that allows you to select your response via emoji. 

Here's a real world example on how we could use this: 

  • Are you available for a meeting Monday at 3pm? 

    Instead of having everyone answer 'Yes', each person could simply select the thumbs up (or thumbs down) emoji to show his availability. 

That means we'll be able to have clearer answers to questions than if everyone answered manually and making other suggestions, which could cause problems (e.g.: someone answers 'No, but how about tuesday instead?'. Someone could want to answer 'Ok for me' but will need to specify if they mean for monday or tuesday.)

With this new function, Facebook is trying to keep pace with its competitors by offering tools that are more and more intuitive. 

Will you be using this new function when it goes online?


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